# Navigation - File

# New Document

New Document is used to import a new document into MLE. It allows selection of doctype and supports both docx (MS Word) and scanned PDF files.

# Save Document/Document Settings

After a document is processed, the user can save the document. After saving, user can start collaboration and negotiation processed as appropriate.

# Copy Document

User can copy an existing document. This is particularly useful to originate a new contract from a contract template.

# Open Document

As a Basic Subscriber, user can open documents that specify the user as an owner, collaborator, or negotiator. These are all listed here.

# Open Group Document

For Premium Subscribers, users can use "Open Group Document" to access files that are shared with the user based on inherited privileges from the group.

# Open Archive Document

User can access an archived document (including documents that the user has participated in previously and are stored for records).

# Open Playbook

For Premium subscribers, user can access a stored playbook for a specific doctype.

# Save As Playbook

For Premium subscribers who have owner privileges to a doctype, user can convert the open document into a playbook for group access.

# Move to Archive

Users with owner privileges can move an open contract to archive status (no further modifications allowed) and control user access to the archived document.

# Close Document

This is used to manually close the document.

# Document Log

For Premium Subscribers, users can access the detailed document log to indicate which users accessed the document at what time as well as the actions taken.