# Navigation - File

# New Document

New Document is used to import a new document into Docgility. It allows selection of doctype and supports both docx (MS Word) and scanned PDF files.

# Save Document/Document Settings

After a document is processed, the user can save the document. After saving, user can start collaboration and negotiation processed as appropriate.

After the document is saved, this option becomes "Document Settings" and will allow options to modify the document settings as needed. For playbooks and templates, which are documents that cannot be altered, Document Settings will provide the information for the document.

# Open Document

As a Basic Subscriber, user can open documents that specify the user as an owner, collaborator, or negotiator. These are all listed here.

# Open Group Document

For Premium Subscribers, users can use "Open Group Document" to access files that are shared with the user based on inherited privileges from the group.

# Open Archive Document

User can access an archived document (including documents that the user has participated in previously and are stored for records).

# Open Playbook

For Premium subscribers, user can access a stored playbook for a specific doctype.

# Open Template

For Premium subscribers, user can access a stored template that can be used to create a new document.

# Compare Document

User can compare two documents to determine if there are any substantial differences, like inserted words, changes to the paragraph text or inserted paragraphs. This supports both sequential and non-sequential matching algorithms.

# Copy Document

User can copy an existing document and source file. This is particularly useful to originate a new collaboration or negotiation.

# Create Clean Version

User can create a clean version of a document. This converts the document edits into changes to the Word docx file source and creates a new document with a new document log. This is useful to finalize the current document edits into a new clean version for further processing, like negotiations. It is also useful for the origination of contracts from a custom template.

# Create Doc from Template

This option is available only when a document template is opened. This option provides the user the ability to create a new document based on the document template.

# Save As Playbook

For Premium subscribers who have owner privileges to a doctype, user can convert the open document into a playbook for group access.

# Save As Template

For Premium subscribers who have owner privileges to a doctype, user can convert the open document into a document template for group access.

# Move to Archive

Users with owner privileges can move an open contract to archive status (no further modifications allowed) and control user access to the archived document.

# Close Document

This is used to manually close the document.

# Document Log

For Premium Subscribers, users can access the detailed document log to indicate which users accessed the document at what time as well as the actions taken.