# Common Use Cases

Problem: For long documents, it's often very difficult to navigate the document to determine:

  • Are legal topics missing in the document? Is termination section missing?
  • Where else in the document are termination discussed? Is it buried in the document?
  • Can I see all the financial terms in one view?

Solution: By using MLE Legal Topic Analysis, the user can group clauses into legal topics. Instantly, your contract is analyzed for each of the legal topics. You can adjust sensitivity to help find the "buried" language in other parts of the contract.

# Document Comparison

Problem: For any legal documents, it's best to compare side-by-side with contract language that has been previously approved.

  • Can I implement a corporate playbook with approved legal clauses for attorneys to follow?
  • Where else did I use similar legal language? Can I pull it up and edit it for this contract?
  • What may have changed in the contracts in different amendments?

Solution: MLE provides the ability to do side-by-side document comparisons with up to 6 documents, including corporate playbooks, archived documents, and other saved contracts. Clause Topic Sync capability allows for synchonized retrieval of similar clause language between contract documents.

# Intelligent Contract Collaboration

Problem: How do I avoid the confusion of sending large redlined Word documents back-and-forth? How do I get transparency on approvals and speed contract negotiation?

  • Can I suggest changes in parallel with negotiation?
  • Who made which redline and is it approved?
  • Who has the action item to do the next step?

Solution: MLE provides the ability to conduct collaboration and negotiation concurrently, with all detailed log by username and approvals.

  • Supports 3rd Party Contracts and Originating Contracts
  • Speeds up negotiation time for contracts.
  • Improves transparency for document owners.
  • Alerts automatically send out emails with targetted legal topics (i.e. so finance can quickly review extracted payment and tax contract terms).