# Navigation - Admin

This navigation for administration is only available to Premium Subscribers. Also, only a small subset of administrations need to access the Admin dialogs. It is recommended that users familiarize with Docgility first as a participant in an exising Docgility group before creating their own groups.

For administrators, these set of dialogs are used to populate tables that can be used form operating groups that share roles and privileges for a set of documents.


These functions are usually best performed by the group administrator to determine how best to work as a group on a class of documents. For example, you may want to create doctypes, groups, and alerts that define how best to collaborate on Procurement contracts for the Automotive group.


This is a set of advanced features that allow Docgility superusers to work as a group. For non-Premium subscribers, users may want to stay with non-doctype documents.

# Groups

Groups define which users have default owner and collaborator roles for which doctypes. Groups allow a group of users to collaborate on doctype documents and automatically inherit the appropriate roles automatically, without having to specify roles for each document.

# Document Types

Document Types are used to customize the processing of a group of documents. It allows the administrator to define new doctypes with different clause labels and tags for labelling.

# Alerts

Alerts are used to define email alerts that automatically send targeted legal topic paragraphs to email distribution lists.